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Creating Your Ideal Retirement

Bespoke investment approaches to maximise your superannuation

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Paradise Financial Group:
Creating Your Ideal Retirement

Paradise Financial Group is a bespoke financial planning firm located in Sydney, NSW and on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Our flagship services include Managed Superannuation, Insurance and Investments.

Creating your ideal retirement is our mission and we do this via our superannuation and financial planning services.

Saving for your retirement via superannuation is paramount to your financial plan and the key to our service offering at Paradise Financial Group.

Included with superannuation in your financial plan are insurance and investment strategies. This ensures that your short and long term financial goals are reached while protecting your wealth.

Paradise Financial Group utilises a different investment protocol that can provide lower risk, more predictable income, lower vitality and a produce steadier rates of return. This approach is completely different to that which is used by the traditional industry or retail superannuation funds.

One of our main advantages is that we aren’t aligned with any one financial institute. Because of this we can hand-select the best investment opportunities from the whole market.

Over the years we have built a quality team of investment managers who have the experience, knowledge and relationships to source and select an ideal range of wholesale funds.Access to wholesale funds is more often restricted to high-net-worth investors, however, as a client of Paradise Financial Group we can provide access and include them in your superannuation portfolio.

Managed Superannuation is a game changer within the superannuation industry as it allows for more control over your investment portfolio and ultimately your retirement fund.

Our management and investment team have a strong and long-standing foothold within the financial services industry. Starting in the early 1990’s on the trading floor in Sydney, with experience in proprietary trading and investment banking worldwide. They have worked with Australia’s leading financial institutions and investment banks in the USA.

Paradise Financial Group Pty Ltd trading as Paradise Financial Group is a corporate authorised representative (CAR) #125 2614 of Olive Financial Markets Pty Ltd which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) #390906.

If you are ready to create your ideal retirement, contact Paradise Financial Group today.

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Superannuation is a long-term savings strategy that is designed to provide you with enough money to live on during your retirement. Based on the current financial situation of the Australian government, your super will most likely be the majority (if not all) of your incoming for when you retire.

It’s important that you create a solid financial plan now so that you can enjoy your retirement. You have worked hard and you deserve it.

In Australia, we have Superannuation Guarantee. Superannuation Guarantee makes it a legal requirement for your employer to contribute regularly to your super. Each month your employer must pay 9.5% of your wages into your nominated super fund.

As part of a solid financial plan, we also recommend that you make your own contributions. When making additional contributions, there are different options and strategies to consider. Your current situation and overall financial objective will determine the best way to make these contributions.

A Paradise Financial Group superannuation specialists can assist you to create a solid financial plan for your super and future retirement.

Our mission “Creating Your Ideal Retirement” is our guiding force when creating your financial and superannuation strategy.

Your super grows over time due to compounding interest. Your existing super capital, regular contributions and reinvestment of returns helps to grow your account.

It’s a long-term strategy and the decisions you make now will have a significant impact on how much you have in your retirement kitty. Your age, previous investment experience, needs, objectives and risk tolerance should all be considered when looking at how you should invest and what the best strategy is for your retirement.

Paradise Financial Group is a bespoke financial planning firm with office locations in both Sydney, NSW and Gold Coast, QLD. Our flagship services are Managed Superannuation and Self-Managed Superannuation. Both services commence with creating a solid financial plan with you to create your ideal retirement.


On the road to financial paradise, many make stops to grow their wealth and boost their super. Life insurance, however, is the one stop that many people skip. But, protecting your wealth and more importantly, your family should be your top priority.

Our hope is that we never need to make a claim on our policies. However, if something was to happen, it’s assuring to know that we have the cover in place to protect us. In highly emotional and stressful times, cover to ease the financial burden will be welcomed.

For most of us, we insure our house, car and possessions, but not on what matters the most – our life. Life insurance, should you need to claim, can make a dramatic difference to your family’s financial situation.

Even though you think you are bulletproof, it’s not just you any longer. You have a partner and children to protect – your family. If something were to happen to you, you would want them to
continue with the lifestyle you have built together.

If you couldn’t provide for them, what would happen, who would pay the mortgage, car payments, groceries? As you can imagine, these expenses are increasingly harder to pay without a regular
income. How would your family survive?

Now is the time to protect what’s most important to you. Now is the time to protect your ability to earn an income and provide for your family. Protecting you and your family is simple with Paradise Financial Group.

Paradise Financial Group collaborates with leading insurance providers to offer insurance solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

We tailor an insurance package that will provide you affordable premiums and the best cover. We may also be able to have the premiums deducted directly from your Managed Superannuation account, providing you with more cashflow now.

Paradise Financial Group can help you with a full range of insurance policies including life insurance, income protection, trauma and total and permanent disability (TPD).

Click through to learn more about each of these policies and how they can be beneficial to you and your family.


How We Invest

Paradise Financial Group is a bespoke financial planning firm. Our flagship services are superannuation and insurance. Our unique investment strategy sees us as leaders within the superannuation and financial services industry.

Combining your specific objectives and our unique investment strategy allows us to provide Managed Superannuation.

Managed Superannuation is at the forefront of the superannuation industry and used by savvy investors who want to create their ideal retirement.

Most super funds build a portfolio using multiple asset classes such as bonds, fixed income, international equities, property and ASX equities. Paradise Financial Group isn’t aligned to a particular financial institution such as ANZ or Westpac, providing us with total autonomy when designing our investment portfolios.

Where we differ, is that we predominately use wholesale global fund managers. These managers utilise a wrap account as it can provide tax, access and administration advantages.

Traditionally superannuation funds use the strategy of a diverse, balanced approach. Their portfolio would likely include 65 – 75% growth assets, meaning that their portfolio could potentially contain investments that don’t meet our criteria.

Using a wrap account provides Paradise Financial Group the ability to build a hand-selected investment portfolio that meets our investment team’s strict investment criteria. The investments that our team select are mostly from global wholesale funds. These funds aren’t often available to the average investor as they require a high initial contribution. One of the main reasons wholesale funds are selected is that they can potentially lower the risk of volatility while increasing your return on investment.

When you invest with Paradise Financial Group you are drawing on both our knowledge, fund manager’s experience and the benefit of access. When building our wrap account, the investments selected aren’t available to anyone off the street. Access is only provided to high-net worth individuals as they require a significant initial capital investment, generally in the range of multiple six figures or more.

Partnering with Paradise Financial Group provides you with this access and as a result more opportunities within the market. Wrap accounts provide additional benefits and our investment team would be happy to explain all the benefits as they specifically relate to you and your situation. However, some of them include:

• Access to a larger range of funds

• Portfolio diversification – we build a diverse portfolio selected by our investment team

• Tax advantages may apply

• Quality fund managers who manage billions of dollars

• Hundred percent transparency in fees and terms of investment.

To discuss your situation, please contact our investment team today.


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