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Creating Your Ideal Retirement

Paradise Financial Group is a bespoke financial planning firm. Our flagship services are superannuation and insurance. Our unique investment strategy sees us as leaders within the superannuation and financial services industry.

Combining your specific objectives and our unique investment strategy allows us to provide Managed Superannuation.

Managed Superannuation is at the forefront of the superannuation industry and used by savvy investors who want to create their ideal retirement.

Most super funds build a portfolio using multiple asset classes such as bonds, fixed income, international equities, property and ASX equities. Paradise Financial Group isn’t aligned to a particular financial institution such as ANZ or Westpac, providing us with total autonomy when designing our investment portfolios.

Where we differ, is that we predominately use wholesale global fund managers. These managers utilise a wrap account as it can provide tax, access and administration advantages.

Traditionally superannuation funds use the strategy of a diverse, balanced approach. Their portfolio would likely include 65 – 75% growth assets, meaning that their portfolio could potentially contain investments that don’t meet our criteria.

Using a wrap account provides Paradise Financial Group the ability to build a hand-selected investment portfolio that meets our investment team’s strict investment criteria.

The investments that our team select are mostly from global wholesale funds. These funds aren’t often available to the average investor as they require a high initial contribution. One of the main reasons wholesale funds are selected is that they can potentially lower the risk of volatility while increasing your return on investment.

When you invest with Paradise Financial Group you are drawing on both our knowledge, fund manager’s experience and the benefit of access. When building our wrap account, the investments selected aren’t available to anyone off the street. Access is only provided to high-net worth individuals as they require a significant initial capital investment, generally in the range of multiple six figures or more.

Partnering with Paradise Financial Group provides you with this access and as a result more opportunities within the market. Wrap accounts provide additional benefits and our investment team would be happy to explain all the benefits as they specifically relate to you and your situation. However, some of them include:

  • Access to a larger range of funds
  • Portfolio diversification – we build a diverse portfolio selected by our investment team
  • Tax advantages may apply
  • Quality fund managers who manage billions of dollars
  • Hundred percent transparency in fees and terms of investment.

To discuss your situation, please contact our investment team today.

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