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Creating Your Ideal Retirement

Superannuation is a long-term savings strategy that is designed to provide you with enough money to live on during your retirement. Based on the current financial situation of the Australian government, your super will most likely be the majority (if not all) of your incoming for when you retire.

It’s important that you create a solid financial plan now so that you can enjoy your retirement. You have worked hard and you deserve it.

In Australia, we have Superannuation Guarantee. Superannuation Guarantee makes it a legal requirement for your employer to contribute regularly to your super. Each month your employer must pay 9.5% of your wages into your nominated super fund.

As part of a solid financial plan, we also recommend that you make your own contributions. When making additional contributions, there are different options and strategies to consider. Your current situation and overall financial objective will determine the best way to make these contributions.

A Paradise Financial Group superannuation specialists can assist you to create a solid financial plan for your super and future retirement.

Our mission “Creating Your Ideal Retirement” is our guiding force when creating your financial and superannuation strategy.

Your super grows over time due to compounding interest. Your existing super capital, regular contributions and reinvestment of returns helps to grow your account.

It’s a long-term strategy and the decisions you make now will have a significant impact on how much you have in your retirement kitty. Your age, previous investment experience, needs, objectives and risk tolerance should all be considered when looking at how you should invest and what the best strategy is for your retirement.

Paradise Financial Group is a bespoke financial planning firm with office locations in both Sydney, NSW and Gold Coast, QLD. Our flagship services are Managed Superannuation and Self-Managed Superannuation. Both services commence with creating a solid financial plan with you to create your ideal retirement.

Self Managed Superfund

A superannuation fund that you manage yourself or with the assistance of a financial adviser such as Paradise Financial Group is called a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

A total of $2 trillion is under management in Self-Managed Super Funds within Australia, approximately 29% of the Australian superannuation savings. The number of Self-Managed Super Funds has increased by 31% over the last five years.

Traditionally it was the 55 plus age group that flocked to establish SMSFs, however, today, the younger generation are jumping on board as well. The median age of an SMSF owner is decreasing year on year. Our advice is that it’s never too early to consider a Self-Managed Super Fund.

Increasingly Australian’s want control over their superannuation and as a result are moving away from the traditional industry and retail funds to establishing their own SMSFs. They are, however, highly regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). It’s your responsibly to ensure that you are complying with all relevant laws.

By creating your own fund, you have the ability to make the decision regarding your investments and as a result, your retirement. You have more control and are 100% in charge. However, it’s a major financial decision and you must consider it very carefully.

SMSF are complicated to set up and they require time to manage. If you have a large super balance or substantial money to invest then an SMSF is worth considering. They are also relevant if you have specific investment needs such as purchasing property, trading shares, futures or foreign exchange.

You must have the skills and time to manage your funds. We also recommend having access to quality advice such as the advisers from Paradise Financial Group.

Paradise Financial Group can assist you to make this major financial decision. We have a team of superannuation specialists who can discuss your individual situation. They will make recommendations that will protect you, your family and your retirement.

We take you through the entire process and guide you through selecting the best investment options, managing your investment and complying with the ATO regulations.
Paradise Financial Group offers a complete Self-Managed Superannuation service including establishment, strategy, auditing, ongoing management and periodic reviews.
Speak to our Self-Managed Superannuation specialist today and discover the best option for you and your retirement future.

Managed Superannuation is the flagship service offered by Paradise Financial Group. Providing a hybrid service between the standard super funds and a Self-managed superannuation fund. You can access the benefits of having your own SMSF without having the additional complexity of set up and ongoing management as Paradise Financial Group takes care of everything for you.

Managed Superfund

Managed Superannuation is different.

Each month your employer pays 9.5% of your income into your nominated superannuation account. For most Australian’s this is where their involvement with their superannuation begins and ends. Of course, as we edge closer to retirement, our future lifestyle and how we are going to fund it become a higher priority.

At Paradise Financial Group we encourage you to be proactive now. To give your superannuation and financial future the priority and attention it deserves.
The good news is that we can help.

Traditionally Australians have their superannuation with an industry or retail super fund, but this isn’t always the best option.

The new way forward is with Managed Superannuation. It’s a proactive, managed service provided by Paradise Financial Group and it is leading the superannuation industry.

Instead of using a set and forget approach, managed superannuation provides greater control and ongoing active management of your superannuation. We work with you to make your money work for you. We work with you to grow your superannuation fund now and into the future.

Paradise Financial Group offers a Managed Superannuation service. Instead of investing your money into a standard fund, your superannuation is actively managed for you by us.

In our experience, standard industry and retail funds provide the regulated reports to their clients and have no further involvement. There is no additional follow up, phone calls or recommendations for getting the most from your investments.

This is the key area in which Managed Superannuation from Paradise Financial Group is dramatically different.

We invest your money into a series of retail and wholesale funds. Our investment strategy team hand select the funds we invest in. Many of these funds are usually only available to high net worth investors due to the high initial contribution requirements.

This approach has been selected as it allows us to potentially offer high returns and a reduction in risk compared to the standard retail or industry funds. This is due to the fact that most traditional funds don’t rush to make improvements when the economy adjusts.

Your superannuation is actively managed by us – Paradise Financial Group – on your behalf.

We track and actively monitor your superannuation investment. Your individual account is discussed with you regularly and adjustments are made when required. As the economy moves we offer solutions to assist with reducing risk exposure and preserving your super capital.

When was the last time your super fund did this for you?

There is a better way forward and Paradise Financial Group can help.

Contact us and speak to our managed superannuation specialist today.

Want to learn more?

Give us a call and we can guide you through some bespoke investment opportunities with great returns.

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