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Find My Superannuation

Find My Superannuation a free service by Paradise Financial Group. In Australia, we have $18.8 billion worth of unclaimed superannuation. Many of us have multiple superannuation accounts and don’t even realise it. Surprisingly many of us find ourselves in the situation where we have forgotten, missing and unclaimed super accounts.

On average, we have four to five jobs over our lifestyle. This can be more if you consider casual or part-time work.  Changing jobs, moving house and general life pressures can make keeping on top of your finances and super accounts difficult. Managing and keeping on top of your superannuation isn’t often a priority in our younger years, however, now is the time to start planning your future.  It’s easy to see how multiple super accounts can very easily become your reality.

Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts result in multiple insurance premiums and multiple fees. These multiple costs will have a major impact on your future retirement lifestyle and superannuation balance now and in the future. Your overall balance is being depleted by adding unnecessary costs and fees. This is eating into your super capital and providing you less capital to invest for your future.

To offer you the best retirement potential, Paradise Financial Group recommends that you consolidate your superannuation into one super account.  This provides you with a solid foundation for your retirement fund to grow. It will also save you a considerable amount in insurance premiums and management fees.

Superannuation Specialists

Paradise Financial Group are superannuation specialists and we can assist you in finding your unclaimed and lost super. It’s a complimentary service where we will locate and consolidate your super into one account.

Our superannuation specialist will search and find all your old, inactive and current superannuation accounts. This is done using your full name and tax file number. Once we have located your accounts, we can assist you with consolidating them into one account and offer recommendations to boost your super and protect your investment.

Paradise Financial Group offers a free ‘Find My Superannuation’ service. This is a no obligation service.

To get started, contact our superannuation specialist today.

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